November 4th, 2009

Sherry & Shallots Vinaigrette

Although this is based on the classic vinaigrette recipe, by using a shallot and sherry vinegar, it bumps the vinaigrette up a notch and deserves a recipe page on its own.   Truly an elegant taste, you’ll feel that you are at the finest Paris bistro on the Left Bank.  Les Deux Magots, perhaps.  This vinaigrette gets better and better as the shallots infuse their flavor over time.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sherry Vinegar

1 large shallot – rough chop

1 spoonful. of Dijon Mustard

Salt & Pepper to taste


Olive oil up to the blue oil line of the SaladSuccess Shaker

Add vinegar to the blue vinegar line

Add chopped shallot and Dijon mustard

2 dashes of salt

1 dash of pepper

Shake vigorously

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  • […] Ho, Ho, Ho and it is Christmas Eve. I spent last night worrying whether or not we would come down with Salmonella during the night all because I couldn’t resist making mayo.  I go through this mental torture yearly when I pull out the deep fat fryer and decide that for a week, we can have beignets, French fries, and funnel cakes to our hearts’ desire.  Actually it is not very good at all for our hearts and probably takes our bodies a month to recuperate.  Of course, when I make the French fries, I’ve got to eat them with real mayonnaise, not that bizarre white stuff you buy in the store.  And OF COURSE, I make mine with a raw egg which means I stay up all night long worrying if I have poisoned the family.  But once again, we escaped any evil consequences.  And it tastes SO GOOD, especially with rib-eye steak, and a green salad with shallot vinaigrette. […]

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